13th – 16th October 2022

Stand #5C03

Alvaro Alcazar gallery is once again participating in the Estampa Fair, held in Madrid from 13th to 16th October. For this edition, 17 artworks have been selected and will be located at stand #5C03.

Among the artists present are Cristina Babiloni, who through her painting Zale (2020) immerses us in her oceanic world full of life, Peter Krauskopf, with his abstract artwork in which he shows his mastery of light and colour, Guillem Nadal, who makes us follow with the eyes those hypnotic grooves with which he recreates the landscapes of the mind, José Luis Serzo, with a select choice from his series Las Tentaciones de Courbet, Kepa Garraza, who makes us reflect on the representation of the Power in occidental culture, Mari Puri Herrero, who invites us to enter her dreamlike world in which nature predominates, and the british artist Simon Edmondson, with his River Dream (2018-2022), through which, with his expressionist language, he takes us back to a nostalgic past.

There will also be sculptures by the artists Nacho Criado, with his minimalist piece Homenaje a Rothko (1970), José Cháfer with his famous wooden sculptures through which he tries to reach a point of balance and movement, and Juan Garaizabal, with his duo of sculptures À moi (2022) and À toi (2022) in which the different materials mastered by the artist are fused. 

The guest artists are Andrei Roiter, who uses found and discarded objects to create poetic paintings full of meaning, Matthew Benedict, an artist who moves within realist figuration and who on this occasion brings us his iconic Witch Hazel (2007) and, finally, Jorge Barbi, whose sculptural pieces have been conceived through objects found in the countryside.

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