November 3rd, 2022 – January 12th, 2023 

The opening of our next exhibition will take place on November 3rd. We will present the new exhibition of Kepa Garraza that revolves around his two new projects New monumentalism and We just want to set the world on fire. Both series present a fictitious reality that invites the viewer to stop and reflect and to question, on the one hand, the nature of the monument, its raison d’être and its usefulness, and on the other, how social conflicts are currently represented and the role played by the media.

New Monumentalism is his most recent project. It invites the viewer to reflect on the function of the public monument within the urban environment, as well as to ask questions related to the representation of power and authority in our collective imagination. To this end, he has devised a game of substitution that invites the viewer to rethink concepts related to the very nature of the monument.

We just want to set the world on fire is a series that emerged as a consequence of the wave of protests that swept the world after the lifting of restrictions following the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. These protests were widespread and seemingly spontaneous. A wave of indignation and anger that spread unchecked to all corners of the globe. Revolts caused by the widespread impoverishment of large sectors of the world’s population and the ineffectiveness of many governments to take care of their most basic needs.

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