Three different ways: Udo Nöguer, Antonio Murado, Jesús Guerrero

22 June-22 July

Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents “Three Different Ways: Udo Nöger, Antonio Murado, Jesús Guerrero, a group exhibition on display from June 22 until the end of July. The exhibition brings together three artists with a distinct pictorial approach; the Galician Antonio Murado, the german Udo Nöger and the Venezuelan Jesús Guerrero. Through 26 paintings on canvas, board, plaster or paper, the exhibition reveals the parallels and differences offered by each artist, each one with their own thematic and aesthetic contribution but converging in a common artistic language; abstraction.

Antonio Murado (Lugo, Spain, 1964) currently lives in New York. The work shown here is representative of the different styles with which he used to express himself throughout his extensive career, as in the case of his “Marañas y Redes”, (“tangles” or nets”). Murado investigates, among other things, transparencies and explores his interest in nature through mediums such as canvas, wood and aluminum- and experiments with the behavioral properties of paint and varnishes.

Udo Nöger (Enger, Germany, 1961), who works between the USA and Switzerland, is known as the “light artist”, for capturing light effects and movement through eminently minimalist compositions. Apart from the abstract representations of his early works created on canvas and handmade paper, which are reminiscent of cave paintings or pictograms, Nöger is especially known for his monochrome works in shades of grey, which emulate a light of their own. The artist achieves this effect by spreading several strips of cloth or canvas on a frame, which in turn have been previously painted or cut.

For the Venezuelan Jesús Guerrero (Tovar, Venezuela, 1965), this is his first exhibition in Spain, where he emigrated motivated by the critical social and economic situation in his native country. Guerrero began his relationship with art as a child and since then he has moved in the field of abstraction. His work is characterized by historical revisionism, with an important influence from European avant-garde movements such as de Stijl, Russian constructivism or Minimalism. Guerrero experiments with materials such as zinc, acrovinyl and waxed enamel. “The human figure was a challenge for me, but afterwards I felt that I had nothing more to say with the figure, I was never able to find the psychology of the character as a subject” says the artist.

The exhibition offers visitors a wide variety of works in different formats and materials and presents three ways of understanding painting, through the exploration of light, colour, geometry and matter, which apparently do not have much in common but which, nevertheless, appear to be in a perfect dialogue with each other.

List of works
CV Antonio Murado
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