As in previous editions, HayFestival in Segovia dedicates in Félix Ortiz’s orchard-garden in San Marcos neighborhood a special space to sculpture. From September 22, an exhibition will show the works of the artist Juan Garaizabal. 

The display shows twelve sculptures that recover missing several architectural elements from different cities such as Berlin, Venice, Seoul, etc. The works maintain an harmonious relationship with the context in which they are located; although they are all monumental, they perfectly match the landscape of this particular and unique garden. It is worth highlighting the materials Garaizabal used for the sculptures, such as steel, brick, wood and concrete, that allow the artist to explore techniques such as forging, carpentry, electricity and masonry, highlighting him as an eclectic sculptor.

Thanks to this exhibition, there is also a dialogue with the artist’s most recent work, La Puerta de San Martín, which is also shown in the Hay Festival and which becomes part of his already well-known Memorias Urbanas.