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BAD + 2024

BAD + 2024

Álvaro Alcázar Gallery is once again participating in the new edition of the BAD+ fair in Bordeaux, France. For this occasion, the gallery is presenting a stand featuring the works of various national and international artists.

Sculptures by David Nash, Pim Palsgraaf, and José Cháfer will be accompanied by paintings created by Antonio Murado, Simon Edmondson, Ariel Cabrera, Rebeca Plana, and Rubén Tortosa, among others. With this assembly of works, diverse themes such as nature, leisure, and abstraction will bring life to a stand filled with color.

Nash’s natural elements are cohesively integrated with Cháfer’s ash wood sculpture, whose curves evoke the grooves traced in Wolfgang Flad’s painting. Regarding the paintings, Antonio Murado’s ethereal flowers composed of glazes connect with Simon Edmondson’s transparencies. Edmondson has presented two paintings that pay homage to studios—spaces of introspection and expressiveness for the artist. This is not the only conceptual idea of the stand. With enormous sculptures reflecting on the decay of the modern world, Pim Palsgraaf brings urban ruins to life, creating a contrast between the human and the purity of nature. On the other hand, Rebeca Plana and Rubén Tortosa also explore the conceptual with their work “Debe/haber,” in which language collaborates with abstraction to re-signify concepts. This idea aligns with the work represented by Ariel Cabrera, who transforms reality through a historical and cultural prism to recreate everyday spaces from a new perspective.

In short, our proposal brings together the work of different artists to highlight the expressive and symbolic capacity of each one. The sum of the parts makes our stand a collection of ideas that converge in a visual dialogue, inviting the viewer to explore the multiple layers of meaning present in each work.

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