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Guillem Nadal

A wall is a vertical surface which closes or [...]

Guillem Nadal 2021-02-08T12:26:16+00:00


"Oceánicas" Cristina Babiloni Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents Oceánicas, the [...]

Oceánicas 2021-02-10T12:00:06+00:00

lo azul

"Lo azul" Maru Quiñonero Group exhibition The word Blue, [...]

lo azul 2020-12-28T10:36:18+00:00

Cristina Babiloni

A wall is a vertical surface that closes or [...]

Cristina Babiloni 2020-07-08T11:54:01+00:00

Antonio Murado

A wall is a vertical surface that closes or [...]

Antonio Murado 2020-06-22T11:29:50+00:00

Kepa Garraza

On this occasion, we invite Kepa Garraza, who presents two [...]

Kepa Garraza 2020-04-17T08:21:23+00:00

Mi Casa

Mi casa (My home) Virtual collective exhibition From 17th [...]

Mi Casa 2020-05-13T09:38:26+00:00

Mari Puri Herrero

On this occasion, we invite Mari Puri Herrero (1971), who [...]

Mari Puri Herrero 2020-06-22T11:31:51+00:00


Intramuros Antonio Murado “In this exhibition I present two [...]

Intramuros 2019-11-06T17:51:34+00:00

Werner Mannaers

On this occasion, we invite Werner Mannaers (1954), who presents [...]

Werner Mannaers 2019-10-17T17:31:15+00:00


APERTURA 2019 Werner Mannaers The Cherry Creek Stories Juan [...]

APERTURA 2019 2019-10-17T10:34:20+00:00

Guillem Nadal

On this occasion, we invite Félix de la Concha (León, [...]

Guillem Nadal 2019-10-17T17:30:45+00:00


FestivalOff PhotoESPAÑA 2019 Tree, TREE… Myoung Ho Lee A [...]

PhotoEspaña19 2019-09-28T12:04:46+00:00


The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents the third edition of [...]

Nero 2019-09-28T11:52:05+00:00

Felix de la Concha

On this occasion, we invite Félix de la Concha (León, [...]

Felix de la Concha 2019-10-17T17:28:05+00:00

Esculturas Nigel Hall

Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents a new solo exhibition by [...]

Esculturas Nigel Hall 2019-09-28T11:29:36+00:00

Una colectiva

From December 13, 2018 to February 9, 2019 A [...]

Una colectiva 2019-09-28T10:24:51+00:00

Eduardo Arroyo

This project opens with Eduardo Arroyo. Throughout each season, different [...]

Eduardo Arroyo 2019-10-17T17:25:36+00:00

Freedom Sculptures

As in previous editions, HayFestival in Segovia dedicates in [...]

Freedom Sculptures 2021-01-04T17:54:57+00:00


En el marco del festival OFF de la vigésimo [...]

CORPS DE STYLE 2018-05-04T18:10:25+00:00


La Galería Alvaro Alcázar invita a la reflexión con [...]

UNA TREGUA 2018-04-19T12:23:40+00:00


“Somos los bárbaros de nuestro hábitat” (Lengua de tierra, [...]

GUILLEM NADAL 2018-01-01T16:58:04+00:00