The Alvaro Alcázar Gallery opens its new space with an exhibition that presents the most recent works by Peter Krauskopf. Code of color is a show in which color is the protagonist. The title refers not only to what is seen on the surface, but also to what lies underneath.When talking about his work, Peter Krauskopf invariably mentions destruction as a fundamental part of the creation. He composes his works in layers reminiscent of pentimenti until he reaches a point where surfaces become textures and structures of interlaced lines and bars. The visual appeal lies in the duality of the physical mixture of colors and the rejection of pictorial volume. The artistic strategy of Peter Krauskopf does not aim at perfection. On the contrary, he seems to be more interested in the systematic errors present in the algorithm of his production process.

Color is the principal element. The artist chooses the most attractive ones and merges the matt and the glossy to arrive at his own interpretation of light. Color also reveals the strong connection that exists between his paintings and works on paper. The papers are born from the excess color of the paintings, showing what the artist did during the day. By sharing these visual diaries, Peter Krauskopf lets us participate in his enigmatic creative process.