Antonio Murado

“In this exhibition I present two recent work groups that show a clear relationship with the interior and domestic space.
Large-format paintings were painted outdoors and remained exposed to the elements for weeks in the forest. They are inspired by animal skins and presented as if they were tapestries, without their racks. Le Corbusier called tapestries “nomadic murals”, is that idea of ​​mobility, adaptation and creation of a space or shelter that inspires them.
The second group of paintings, has its origin in the intersection of the painting and the human body through furniture, specifically armchairs and armchairs of the eighteenth century. They are works that represent the window frames that are deformed resulting in the introduction of curves and asymmetric sides. The sides of the racks that normally go unnoticed because nobody stops to look at them frontally, take on greater prominence in these works. I built them thoroughly with noble wood marquetry to underline their object and unique condition. ”

Antonio Murado
November 2019