The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents the third edition of the exhibition Una Colectiva. The show  untitled Nero, brings together eight artists with selected pieces that have a common denominator: the color black. From the Gallery we pretend to admire this color, living behind the negativity  of this  concept  so ingrained in the Occidental culture. 

In the work of the Japanese ceramist Toshio Matsui beauty resides in the reflections of the absence of light and emphasizes in the idea of ​​depth thanks to the technique used. The patina of time and using showed in its ceramics along with those of Philippe Barde, contributes to exalt the beauty of the shadow.

In Occident we can see how the absence of color is more and more conceived as something beautiful. The emptiness as a concept creates a contrast between sculptures and context and it gives elegance as we can see in the pieces of Nigel Hall, Jaime Castillo. Other artists like Rafael Canogar and David Nash work with sobriety in order to praise the shadow over shadow. Therefor they create beautiful textures with a superposition of different layers of black.

Finally, we can not forget the idea of black as power. On the one hand, Kepa Garraza gives even more power to fierce historical figures, represented hieratically, by the use of darkness, making the spectator feel fragile and human. On the other hand, Eduardo Arroyo’s work empowers and gives elegance to nearby characters that normally go unnoticed, such as the chimney sweep.