A wall is a vertical surface that closes or delimits a space. However, in any gallery it becomes an essential place where the artists’ creations rest. After a year in which we have presented numerous projects by different artists on the gallery’s largest wall, we have considered the importance of also having a “virtual exhibition wall” on our website. From now on, we will present each week a new work in this space and in a digital way so that it reaches everyone.

In this second week we present one of the works that best reflects the current works of our artist Cristina Babiloni:

Mirador, 2020, técnica mixta sobre tela, ø 180 cm.

“2018 was the International year of Coral Reefs and now is time of reflection. It is very important to be aware that the fate of these super-ecosystems is hanging by a thread because of pollution and global warning. The oceans hace become sponges of heat and toxic waste that make corals lose their color, the color of life. As these are living beings, colonial animals on which 25% of marine species depend, protect our coasts from sea level rises and subsequent soil erosion. That is why in my work I want to convey this feelings and concern, to try to make the viewer aware of this great three of S.XXI. In our hand is to save the coral reefs!”

Cristina Babiloni