Werner Mannaers The Cherry Creek Stories

Juan Garaizabal En la Memoria

First presentation in a Gallery, here in Madrid of the prestigious artist Werner Mannaers: 

“One reason I still paint is because of the never-ending challenge of the orthodoxy of Modernism itself. My recent paintings flowed out of me in the most natural way, as though I couldn’t finish them quickly enough, maybe because I had found a new “alphabet,” as if some sort of psychological floodgates had been opened.

Art is a mirror. It is inevitably about falseness. My art is whimsical, offhand, not serious, but at the same time deadly sincere. I’m a painter always ambitiously courting failure, but fighting for perfection in every sense of the word, attempting to transform the conventional into the visionary.

My work is restless, teasing, and self-deprecatory. It mines and undermines art history.”

For APERTURA 2019 the artist Juan Garaizabal has created a set of sculptures made specially for the new space of the Gallery. Following his concept of Urban Memories, he designed  several columns that recall the late city of Palmira.

Juan Garaizabal starts his projects with illustrations that recreate what no longer exists and serve as a model to give shape with materials such as concrete and steel. These create a dialogue between the object and emptiness. Therefor the spirituality of the place is visually represented.