The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents the biggest project of Simon Edmondson. From 2007 he is being studying the more intimate aspects of the paintings made by Diego Velázquez.  His studies of the painter of the painters is showed on canvas, on paper and on four monumental canvas with same dimension as “Las Meninas”, 318 x 276 cm, that are the centre of the whole exhibition. 

This Edmondson’s long and demanding artistic incursion has consisted in reconsidering the most personal painting by the brilliant master an also the ideological core of the Prado Museum and seed of the current awareness about Painting. This reconsideration is made with the purpose of bringing to light the expressive density of the artwork, today buried because of the enormous quantity of theoretical speculations.

That task has entailed the deploying of this Edmondson’s strict and improbable creative process based on the material standards and techniques managed by Velázquez in 1656, as on the existing historical documentation, assimilating the genius’s plastic solutions as far as arriving to the background of the painting, which, based on the British author, was a noble intention: portray the human existence of this palace’s group.

The Italian term used to title this spectacular exhibition, Sprezzatura, was used by ancient artistic culture to relate the energy and skills which with the great painters execute the most complex figurative scenarios. In this way, Edmondson reveal us that this is the current strength of the contemporary painting: his capacity to provide with life, with energy, in conclusion, with humanity, the reinterpretations of the world. The irreductible mysterious of Art resides in the way the creator poses the brushstrokes on the support.