Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents a new project entitled En Paralelo. In this season, the Gallery will present among the general exhibitions, short duration shows which invited artist and artist from the Gallery. An opportunity to get closer to more intimate pieces that are part of the Gallery’s warehouse and discover new artist.

In this first edition we can find numerous young artist such as Mari Quiñonero, Miguel Gómez Losada, Isabel Valdecasas, Marcelo Burgos, Jaime Castillo, Maria Acuyo and Ángel Alén. Their works are the core of this exhibition´s approach: creating a formal and thematic dialogue between them and the works of the artist of the Gallery: Eduardo Arroyo, Nigel Hall, Guillem Nadal, Rafael Canogar, Mari Puri Herrero, Peter Krauskopf and Kepa Garraza.