On this occasion, we invite Félix de la Concha (León, 1962) who presents his work La Virgen del Puig, a 27-piece polyptych of 56.7 x 35.2 cm each. This monumental work reflects his interest in always painting the natural and thus immersing himself in an intense analysis of architecture. In this way, Felix de la Concha manages to represent the environment in which he finds himself and reaffirms the idea that his pictorial compositions are inspired by the place where he lives. As he says, “I don’t come up with a preconceived idea.”

Throughout each season, different international artists and curators will be invited to present a work on the central wall of the Álvaro Alcázar Gallery.

A wall is a vertical surface that closes or delimits a space. However, in any gallery it becomes an essential place where artists’ creations rest. Our wall (550 x 800 cm) is established as an integrating nexus that does not delimit, but, quite the contrary, opens up to new aesthetic perspectives.