On this occasion, we invite Werner Mannaers (1954), who presents The Cherry Creek Stories; A triptych composed of three large-scale works (250 x 160 cm) of 2019, whose title recalls the direction of his studio and titled all the exhibition he currently has in the Gallery. In this case, our wall joins the exhibition of this artist creating a joint vision of his most recent works.

Throughout each season, various international artists and curators will be invited to present a work of art on the central wall of the Álvaro Alcázar Gallery.

A wall is a vertical surface that closes or delimits a space. However, in any gallery it becomes an essential place where the creations made by the artists rest. Our wall (550 x 800 cm) is established as an integrating nexus that is not delimited, except that, on the contrary, it opens up to new aesthetic perspectives.