On this occasion, we invite Mari Puri Herrero (1971), who presents Conversation; arises from an interest in the idea of continuous movement in nature. It breaks loose and its abruptness can create spectral figures. In this triptych created ad hoc for the Álvaro Alcázar Gallery we see that bower and movement of the trees produced by the wind that ends up shaping two figures of dreamlike air, evoking a memory.

Throughout each season, different international artists and curators will be invited to present a work on the central wall of the Álvaro Alcázar Gallery.

A wall is a vertical surface that closes or delimits a space. However, in any gallery it becomes an essential place where artists’ creations rest. Our wall (550 x 800 cm) is established as an integrating nexus that does not delimit, but, on the contrary, opens up to new aesthetic perspectives.