The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents a collective exhibition in which it invites us to interpret a dialogue between the solidity of the Philippe Barde pieces and the incorporation of those of Arantza Pardo.

On the one hand, the ethereal world in which the large-format canvases of Pardo wrap us almost hit us with a light and a vertiginous movement in which each painting is a new experiment where reconfigures the scientific imaginary. The Unknown series allows to grant an aesthetic solution to the invisible cosmic landscape, although the final result does not represent a real appearance, since the unknown cannot be represented. It provides, thus, an experimental opportunity to challenge assumptions and spiritual perspectives.

On the other hand, the resounding pieces of Barde lead us to reconnect with the terrestrial by means of materials of pure essence of the earth, such as magnesium or the mud itself. In this exhibition we can see their Yakuza woods, created from the combination of different wooden molds; three Stonewear that are a clear example of the terrestrial purity obtained from the magnesium of Mont Blanc; finally with All the same we can see the potter’s game when using the same mold to create different faces.