Mi casa (My home)

Virtual collective exhibition

From 17th of March 2020

From the Álvaro Alcázar Gallery, we want to launch a project focused on underlining the importance of staying home these days. There is no need to go out unless it is essential and it is absolutely necessary to limit contacts to end this pandemic. 

For this, we invite all artists to send us photographs and details of works related to the house, the home, no matter the support or size, the important thing is to emphasize the idea of staying at home. We will be publishing all the works that are arrriving under the hashtags already known as #myhome #stayhome, #istayathome and also these specifics of the project #whithartistayathome and #arthouse The works that we like the most we will also share on social networks and on our website. 

This will end and when it does, we will make an exhibition. A sample that will be seen in a happy time, after a critic one, that will unite us and make us more responsible, more empathetic and more supportive. Whether you are an artist or not, we ask you to spread it, to think and to let some artist who wants to participate know, we are going to make this project of all of them.

Catalogue 1