16 – 20 of  july 2022

Rebeca Plana – A year from Santander


The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery presents in this edition of Arte Santander a series of 12 works made by the artist Rebeca Plana over the last 12 months. The origin of this project dates back to the last edition of the fair, in July 2021, when the artist visited our stand. There it was agreed that she would be the gallery’s bet for the next edition and the project was defined: “A year from Santander”. The artist has produced 12 works, one each month to be presented in July 2022.

This series that we present here responds to this idea. It consists of twelve works made in mixed media on paper that respond to the marked style of the artist. Works where the protagonists, the colour and the line arranged on plain backgrounds reveal numerous emotional perceptions. They are works of a markedly abstract character, sometimes calligraphic, which combine elements of structured composition with a savage and improvisational atmosphere, taking them towards the historical patriarchy of abstract expressionism.

List of works
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