May 26th – July 21st 2022

On 26 May, Gallery Alvaro Alcázar gallery presents the group exhibition Community, which can be visited until 21 July. The exhibition addresses different perspectives of the vast concept of Community, ranging from an intimate and individualistic vision, to a much more collective approach, which presents a social group with common characteristics. The exhibition presents 17 works in different techniques, sizes and medium by 16 different artists, all of them linked by a common connection, the concept of community in its different approaches; through cities such as New York, buildings, people, symbols or landscapes. 

Among the participating artists, it stands out the presence of artists from the gallery, as in the case of Rafael Canogar with one of his most recent methacrylates, Simon Edmondson with an unpublished oil on canvas or Kepa Garraza who shows us a representation of his series Just want to set the world on fire. Cristina Babiloni attracts attention with an imposing 4m high polyptych representing the seabed. Equally noteworthy is the presence of Guillem Nadal with his Project for an Island or the recently added to the gallery’s list of artists, Jose Cháfer, with his first bronze sculpture. Eduardo Arroyo presents a stone sculpture that refers to the delusional story of Carmen Amaya during her stay at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, which was precisely one of the most famous themes in the artist’s career.

Also noteworthy is the contribution of invited artists, such as the Galician artist Jorge Barbi, this time with sculptural works that, as is usual in his production, are made from objects found in the countryside. The artist Andreu Alfaro presents an emblematic sculpture that embodies the goddess Aphrodite. Photography is represented on the one hand by the Sevillians Paz Juristo and Anuca Aísa, the first with the image of a New York skyscraper and the second with a work that is part of her “subsuelos” series. On the other hand, the French photographer Julien Spiewak presents a work from his “Corps de Style” series, where, as usual, a naked body appears next to a fragment of an interior, in this case a column, which reminds us of the mentioned Aphrodite of Alfaro. The painter Montserrat Gómez-Osuna also treats an urban scene, a building, a structure that is difficult to identify and disturbing, on acrylic board.

Lastly, we should also point out the work of foreign artists, such as Matthew Benedict, with his iconic “Hazel Witch”, or the Russian Andrei Roiter, who has sent a large-format canvas representing cardboard boxes. Finally, the French painter Jude Castel, with his particular mastery of the ballpoint pen, has made two works expressly for this exhibition within the series of urban memories. With all this, we are facing an exhibition with first-rate artists and a great diversity of genres with no apparent relationship, but under which a common concept underlies: that of community.

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