The Álvaro Alcázar Gallery is once again participating in the new edition of the ARCO 40+1 Fair, where recent works by several of the gallery’s national artists will be shown, such as Kepa Garraza with his new protest series We just want to set the world on fire, Rebeca Plana and Cristina Babiloni, also with recent work. Another artist from Madrid, Jose Cháfer, represents the sculptural section of the exhibition. In a more material sense, there is a work by Guillem Nadal, included in the series ‘Projecte per a una illa’, a project that is currently on display at the Gallery until the beginning of March. The presence of the work of Mari Puri Herrero in a Solo Project, with her sculptures of Heads in the characteristic “Bilbao Blue”, in an adjoining space, at stand 7A16B, should be highlighted.

Eduardo Arroyo’s imposing work Dichoso Quien como Ulises ha hecho un largo viaje is framed within the framework of the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses, coinciding also with the publication of Ulysses illustrated by the artist. Another of the iconic pieces taking part is the sculpture Corkscrew, by Nacho Criado, a leading exponent of Spanish conceptual art in the second half of the 20th century. The presence of Rafael Canogar also stands out with his paintings on methacrylate, in which he investigates for the first time with this material as a support, infusing the works with a strong symbolic charge.

Finally, the international note is provided by Simon Edmondson and a sample of his new series Silver linings.


List of works