From November 18th to December Alvaro Alcázar gallery presents the solo exhibition “Arroyo and (some of) his favorite characters”. Eduardo Arroyo is one of the most important Spanish artists on the international scene and his painting played a fundamental role in the postwar and later Spanish scene, being the greatest exponent of so-called figurative realism.

Álvaro Alcázar gallery offers its space to give life to the imaginative and vital universe of the painter, through a selection of some of the main characters that obsessed the artist during his long career. The exhibition has been structured around a selection of eight main themes, which has undoubtedly been the most arduous task of the entire project, given the enormous repertoire of hobbies and characters that surrounded the artist’s life. These are: Eduardo with his self-portraits, Tío Pepe, deshollinadores, entre pintores, JMBW, moscas, James Joyce and José Bergamín. Most of these themes derive from his passion for literature, art or lived experiences, which is why they contain numerous readings and metaphors, turning them into authentic painted chronicles. It is therefore a narration of his experiences, dressed in the irony and critical sense that always characterized the work of Eduardo Arroyo.

This exhibition brings together around thirty works, in techniques such as painting, collage, sculpture, drawing, photography or engraving, made by Arroyo from the end of the 50s, until 2018 and therefore, a reflection of the different styles that the artist went through, from a naturalistic language, through pointillism, pop-art and even cubism. This is a unique opportunity to see together some of Eduardo’s most representative works on these topics, including some of them being shown to the public for the first time. This exhibition has carried out together with the collaboration of his family and close friends, who wanted to pay him their particular tribute.


List of works