Current exhibition

Rebeca Plana: UNTDELEMN


April 19

The Chirivella Soriano Foundation and the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana are pleased to present the exhibition “Untdelemn,” a showcase inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the artistic and spiritual universe of Valencian artist Rebeca Plana (Albalat de la Ribera, 1976). Under the direction of curator Álvaro Alcázar, this exhibition will be open to the public from April 19 to June 23 at the Palau Joan de Vaeliona, an emblematic space of Valencian civil Gothic architecture.

The exhibition takes its name from “Untdelemn,” a word that, although originating from ancient Romanian refers to the most exquisite oil used in purification rituals. For Rebeca Plana, “Untdelemn” becomes a metaphor for the act of “painting from the soul,” where painting not only calms and heals but also activates her nervous system. The exhibition presents around 60 works, most of which were created recently and especially for this exhibition. These works reflect a vital stage in the artist’s career, marked by biological and mental maturity, as well as personal growth. But it is also a dialogue between different forms of art; music, literature, and sculpture converge in Rebeca’s works, enriching their meaning and depth. The influence of artists such as Franco Battiato, Konstantinos Kavafis, and David Nash is evident throughout the exhibition, adding layers of interpretation to each work.

Rebeca Plana’s distinctive style is characterized by refined abstraction and a palette of subtle colors. Her works are marked by energetic, dynamic, and expressive strokes, revealing a unique combination of premeditation and improvisation. This exhibition represents an evolution in her style, highlighting greater simplicity and essentiality in her work, without losing the depth and intensity that characterize it. This exhibition marks a milestone in her career and represents a celebration of a decade of creativity and artistic exploration. 

About the artist:

Rebeca Plana (Albalat de la Ribera, 1976) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia in 2000. She received Honors in her final degree project specializing in painting. She completed her training at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon and at the Colegio de España in Paris. Since completing her studies, she has participated in artistic residencies and received awards and scholarships such as the Habitat Artistic Scholarship (Castellón City Council – EACC), the Piramidon Residence Scholarship (Barcelona), the O Barco de Valdeorras Foundation Scholarship (Orense), the Picasso Museum Residence Scholarship (Málaga), the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation Scholarship, and awards such as the Senyera Painting Prize of Valencia, the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia, or the Honorable Mention in the BMW Prize.

Rebeca Plana’s work has also been showcased in solo exhibitions, in museums and galleries, such as the Sala Gallera (Valencia), the Fernando Latorre Gallery (Madrid), or Galería Punto (Valencia), as well as at the Colegio de España in Paris and the Royal Tapestry Factory. She has participated in various group exhibitions in spaces such as the IberCaja Zaragoza, Casa de Vacas Madrid, or the Antonio Pérez Foundation of Cuenca. She also actively participates in fairs alongside the galleries that represent her in Contemporary Art Fairs such as JustMad (Madrid), ARCO (Madrid), and Gante Artfair (Belgium).

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