Cristina Babiloni

Cristina Babiloni

A wall is a vertical surface which closes or delimits a space. Nevertheless, at any gallery it becomes an essential place where the creations made by the artists rest. Our wall (550 x 800 cm) establish itself as a  integrating nexus that doesn’t delimit, except that, contrary, it opens to new aesthetic perspectives.

At the moment,  we present one of the works of Cristina Babiloni, that can be visited in her exhibition “Oceánica” until January 18, 2021:

Oceánico, 2020, mixed media sobre tela, 200 x 400 cm.

For Cristina Babiloni, corals are the color of life and with her work, she seeks to raise awareness of the danger in which these super ecosystems are, due to pollution and global warming: “the oceans have become sponges of heat and waste toxic that make corals lose their color, the color of life. These are living beings, colonial animals on which 25% of marine species depend, they protect our coasts from rising sea levels and subsequent soil erosion. This is why through my work, I want to transmit the feeling and concern that I have, in order to raise the viewer awareness of this great threat ”.